A Social Media Glossary

Last month, I traveled to Lenox, MA to co-present on social media in admissions with Ma’ayan Plaut at the Consortium on Financing Higher Education (COFHE) 2014 Retreat. As part of the presentation, we created a quick handout to provide a quick glimpse at social media strategy and definitions for some of the most commonly used social […]

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Q&A on Duke University’s Google + Presence

This interview originally appeared as a CASE blog post by Janna Crabb. As part of a series of blog posts around Google +, I talked with Cara Rousseau, manager, digital and social media strategy at Duke University, about the school’s use of the platform. Q: Tell us a little bit about the Google + presence your department manages and […]

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Duke Plays 2048

Few things hold a captive audience for more than a few minutes in our busy media environment. That’s why the viral “2048” game stood out to me. After seeing a few hilarious examples using the 2048 game template around the web, our digital team brainstormed how we could make a Duke version. We decided to reward those who played our version […]

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I Can Haz Photo Contest? Boost Your Facebook Engagement with Crowd-Sourced Photos

People love seeing photos of themselves online. “Selfie” was word of the year for a reason, after all. But if there’s one thing the Internet has taught us, it’s that as much as people love seeing themselves, they love adorable pictures of animals even more. And if you turn that into their adorable animals, well, […]

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The State of Social Media at Duke, Spring 2014

The social media universe has seen many changes this semester. WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook for $19 billion. Snapchat usage blew up. Google+ lost its founder. Facebook changed their algorithm again and again and again … Here at Duke, we’ve been busy over the past few months. Our social media team created a Duke-styled 2048 game. We hosted […]

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Using Social Media Effectively in Higher Education youtube video

Using Social Media Effectively in Higher Education

Do you work with social media in higher education and wonder whether you should focus on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram … or something else? Which investment will give you the biggest benefit? Which matches best with the content you typically produce? A new video from Duke’s Office of News & Communications, “Using Social Media Effectively in […]

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Moving #DukeForward on Social Media

This is a guest blog post by Audra Ang, senior development writer and social media coordinator for the Duke Forward campaign.  It’s been a very interesting—and a very humbling—process trying to establish a social media presence from ground up for the Duke Forward campaign. Building a following across channels is only one key piece of […]

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Video: 2014 Social Media Toolkits

In celebration of Social Media Month, Amanda Peralta and I joined a roundtable web chat with HigherEdLive. The focus of the discussion was the “secret weapons” in our 2014 marketing toolkits. The program was hosted by Stephanie St. Martin, Social Media Manager for Boston College Alumni, and the other panelists were Erin Supinka with RIT and […]

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Nerdy Holidays For Higher Education

Social media managers are all too familiar with obscure holidays like “Speak Like a Pirate Day” or “National High Five Day.” These dates offer a great opportunity to connect with audiences around a dynamic concept. However, these holidays don’t always mesh with content from colleges and universities. For higher education communicators, I’ve created an intellectual […]

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The Evolution from Old-School to Digital Recruiter

This blog post by Jeremy Fern originally appeared on the Seventh Point: Media Street Smarts Digital Recruiter blog.  Do your prospective students really care what you have to say? Or how you say it? In the early 2000s, I started my higher ed career as a rookie admissions counselor at a small North Carolina university. […]

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