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I Can Haz Photo Contest? Boost Your Facebook Engagement with Crowd-Sourced Photos

People love seeing photos of themselves online. “Selfie” was word of the year for a reason, after all. But if there’s one thing the Internet has taught us, it’s that as much as people love seeing themselves, they love adorable pictures of animals even more. And if you turn that into their adorable animals, well, […]

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The State of Social Media at Duke, Spring 2014

The social media universe has seen many changes this semester. WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook for $19 billion. Snapchat usage blew up. Google+ lost its founder. Facebook changed their algorithm again and again and again … Here at Duke, we’ve been busy over the past few months. Our social media team created a Duke-styled 2048 game. We hosted […]

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Using Social Media Effectively in Higher Education youtube video

Using Social Media Effectively in Higher Education

Do you work with social media in higher education and wonder whether you should focus on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram … or something else? Which investment will give you the biggest benefit? Which matches best with the content you typically produce? A new video from Duke’s Office of News & Communications, “Using Social Media Effectively in […]

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Duke’s 2014 Social Media Mash-up

The Duke Communicator’s group gathered on Friday, Jan. 24 for our first meeting of 2014 to hold a “Social Media Mash-up.” This was our second meeting held in this format – see this earlier post for information on the inaugural event. Our speakers were a number of colleagues who shared their own experiences and “lessons […]

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Social Media Workshop for Faculty

This week, Amanda Peralta and I led a training workshop for Duke faculty interested in using social media to build a public presence. The Office of News and Communications organized this session. We opened by introducing three Duke faculty members — Laurent Dubois, Robin Kirk and Peter Ubel  — who are regular users of social […]

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Social Media Usage Among Teens

A big research study on social media usage among teens was just released by the Pew Research Center. For those of us working to target this demographic using social media, the findings are especially interesting. The key nuggets I took away? Facebook usage is waning, parents are watching what they do online and teens DO […]

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[UPDATE] Facebook’s Cover Image Area

Facebook recently changed their cover photo rules. Facebook now allows brands to list contact information, calls to action, and product details in their cover photos. Read more about it here. *** Starting on January 15, 2013, Facebook will regulate the amount of text included in your Page’s cover image and news feed ads to no more […]

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Social Media 2013: Internet users who use social networking tools

The folks over at Pew Research Centre recently compiled their annual research on the demographics behind social media users on different platforms. The infographic below (courtesy of Adweek) takes Pew’s data and displays it in a nice visual, including these key takeaways: Women are five times more than men to use Pinterest City dwellers are […]

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Duke’s 2013 Social Media Roundup

For our most recent Duke Communicators event, I organized a fun tour of what’s happening across our community in social media. At our 2013 Social Media Roundup, my colleagues described how they are using social media to promote bloggers, share photos, reach new international audiences and much more. Each person spoke for five minutes, in […]

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The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

It’s really hard to keep up with the different graphics and sizing for social media accounts and profiles. Here’s a great cheat sheet from the folks at LunaMetrics. Save this one to your hard drive and never Google “Facebook Cover Image Dimensions” again!

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